All things trending in photo- 2023

All things trending in photo- 2023

All things trending in photography for the upcoming year. This is going to be our YEAR!

Coincidence or not, these trends happen to be some of my favorite shots to capture during sessions with our couples. Hear me out… film, in the moment shots, and blurry takes. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Nostalgic vibes and polaroids?! Say less.


Let’s be real, posed and structured shots are a thing of the past. In the moment shots with the people you love the most will be one of your favorite things about your album. Keep family shots to a minimum, all your loved ones will be captured during the reception!


I am SO glad film photos are here to stay. They’re a timeless way to add nostalgic value to your gallery.


Blurry photos are evidence of candid moments, and that fun was being had! Can’t wait to snap those shots of you and your besties getting down on the dance floor or a sweet dip at the end of the aisle. 


Polaroids speak for themselves. Our couples love having a sneak peek into their day by the end of the night.

February 4, 2023

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